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周芷瑤 Yo Chow



Chow Tsz Yiu, Yo received a BA in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2020. She infatuates with traditional craftsmanship, which encouraged her to learn from traditional local paper crafting masters. Her works mainly focus on the association between traditional and contemporary art, and are presented in the form of sculpture.

陶獅 Ceramic Lion

周芷瑤 Yo Chow

30 x 30 x 23cm (一組3件/ set of 3)


Traditional paper crafts are mostly burnt after the use for sacrificial offerings, while ceramics becomes solid after high-temperature firing, these two forms of craft acted as a prove for different civilizations. The paper lion is an important symbol of the local paper crafting tradition. By merging these materials and their hidden meanings, these lions could be kept forever. This implied the wish for a long-lasting local culture.

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