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李穎儀 Wy Wing Yee Lee

2016年畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術院。同年與許俊傑一同創立梨木製陶所。她的創作媒介不限於陶瓷,同時也會利用不同的工藝加入陶藝創作中如金工、竹藝、漆藝等等。着重以陶瓷為媒介,創作實用器物。器物創作存在於藝術與設計模糊的界線之間,梨木製陶所以此為切入點,重新思考自身對當代陶藝的理解與定義,創作出以生活為本、能經歷時 間的器物作品。梨木製陶所曾於香港文化博物館、京都Kyoto 27、台北無事生活、景德鎮陶溪川美術館、廣州103 Gallery及珠海無界美術館等地參與並策劃多次聯展及個展。

Graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor degree in 2016, Lee formed her ceramic studio - Toki Nashiki with Ryan Chun Kit Hui in the same year. She would like to explore the possibility of different materials such as metal, bamboo, lacquer. She focuses much effort on the creation and promotion of functional wares handcrafted in ceramics, based on a strong belief that the goodness in life can be appreciated through the making and usage of functional pottery. Since 2016, she had actively taught ceramics and held exhibitions both locally and abroad. She often works collaboratively with other professionals specializing in different fields including dessert chefs, tea masters, and flora masters, in order to extend their creative boundaries and broaden their audience range.


Time of Firing (After firing)

李穎儀 Wy Wing Yee Lee

尺寸多變 Size variable




I thinking about the relationship between ceramics and functional ware, clay and temperature, technique, and firing.

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