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尹穎琪 Vicky Wing Ki Wan


Wing Ki Wan Vicky works with installation, mixed media, and mainly with ceramics.

WAN usually gets inspiration from her surroundings, daily practice, and Japanese philosophy - Mono no aware. She believes art is the fragment of a person, in which people can reshape and reorganize. Therefore, her artworks mainly discuss and connect to the concept of self, serendipity, and the community. She is sensitive to the emotions of others and herself. She believes her ceramics as well as the heart-warming texture and the down-to-earth character of the clay, can tell stories and bring warmth and comfort to the audience.

要無止境瘋癲地釣魚 !

To fish endlessly madly

尹穎琪 Vicky Wing Ki Wan

尺寸多變 Dimensions variable







fly out or fall in or spin till death.

We are not in the driver's seat,

We are only observers and assistants.



If there is a fish flying out, please help by catching a new fish and letting her continue to spin until she dies.

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