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黃潔鋌 Kit Wong



Kit Ting Wong (Kit), graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts Hong Kong Baptist University. She believes that food is inseparable from tableware. Recently, she takes food as her starting point to create and she mainly creates with functional wares.

She focuses on the shapes and details of these daily objects. Throughout using them, she hopes users can gradually discover the neglected details and unique beauty inside, and feel the warmth delivered by the craftsman.


Today, I Want to Make A Candy Apple

黃潔鋌 Kit Wong

尺寸多變 Dimensions variable


大概 再需要一些時間 等待它添上道道紅霞



嗯      我繼續等

Yet, this is still an immature fruit.

To taste the sweetness of the candy apple, it may take much more time to wait, for the colour to turn from yellow to the flush of the dawn.


Never mind, I’m willing to wait.

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