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石詠琪 Kay Shek



Shek Wing Ki Kay attained BA in Visual Arts at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. She co-founded Still Ceramics with Chun in 2020. As a craftswoman, Kay sculpts functional objects to respond needs and expectations of users. Material life is her interest and treats it as a way of art seeking personal spaces in modern life.

周立進 Lap Chun Chow



Chow Lap Chun, Chun, graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University with a BA in Visual Arts. He co-founded Still Ceramics with Kay Shek in 2020. Chun blends his 10 years of experience in urban photography into sculptures, and from the clay he uses, the land of the city, local culture to himself, new perspectives of the living spaces we once felt indifferent to are brought to our sights.



Kay Shek, Lap Chun Chow

23 x 30 x 4cm



To praise the sculptural nature of the functional objects, which the form already suggests the use of it. The time and space framed are unreachably far but the pattern of times lives here again and again.

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