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林巧𠒇 Hau Yi Lam


林氏習慣以觀察,繪畫和思考方式 探索生活。她微觀習以為常的生活影像,重整觀察物件的視點,賦予看似微小的物件一個有趣的理解角度。如此日常的物件,在她的創作中描繪了一種精緻細膩,同時培養出靜止美。其作品曾於香港、台灣、 日本、德國柏林展出。

Hau Yi Lam is a Hong Kong-based artist and designer, attained her BA (Hons) in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014 and her BA (Hons) Visual Communication from Birmingham City University in 2012. She was an exchange student at the Academy of Fine Art in Tunghai University in 2013.


In Lam’s creative journey, she explores life through looking, drawing, and thinking. By micro-observing highly familiar images, she redefines the perspective of seeing things and provides new meaning to seemingly trivial objects. The mundane objects in her works cultivate an aesthetic characteristic by stillness, portraying a certain degree of delicacy and beauty. Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Berlin.


A drawing of the sea through the window

林巧𠒇 Hau Yi Lam

28 x 18cm

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