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譚淑瑜 Christina Shuk Yu Tam


Christina graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Her creation focuses on ceramics, photography, and installation. She hopes to explore the fragility of time and memories through recording and transforming daily life and objects.

終有一日什麼都會消逝 II

One day we all will disappear II

譚淑瑜 Christina Shuk Yu Tam

尺寸多變 Size variable

當母親五十歲的生日過後  我的記憶開始出現混亂








When my mother's 50th birthday passed, my memory began to be confused

I forgot whether the doctor said she had 50 years to live or would leave when she was 50

All I know is that we are practice parting and dying over and over again

Time and life in all its movement and stillness

Emotions become numb

I wanted to record the tastes and habits she had left behind

Only to find that everything will disappear in silence

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