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楊潔婷 Bee Kit Ting Yeung


Yeung Kit Ting graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University of Visual Arts in 2020. She since childhood like illustration. After in the university during the discovery of ceramic’s pleasure, later wanted to integrate illustration and ceramics. Most of her creative inspiration comes from personal experience and imagine. She put the surreal style of things on the clay, and create an absurd, interesting world that to create their own feelings of myself. She through the subtle things around her, imagine the fish will walk, clouds will jump feeling, strange things are her motivation. She will think about the past and the present, even if happy, but lonely; satisfy but empty. Her work reflects the lack of emotion in her inner self and gives herself a space to vent and rest.


On The Roof

楊潔婷 Bee Kit Ting Yeung

40 x 23 x 20cm


Recording the different forms of thinking.

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