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尹麗娟 Annie Lai Kuen Wan



Born in Hong Kong, Annie obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is now Associate Professor of Academy of Visual Arts of the Hong Kong Baptist University.

Annie has participated in various local and overseas exhibitions. She was also awarded Artist of the Year in 2018 by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the Winner (Sculpture) of the Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Competition, the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship, “Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme II” by the Hong Kong Art Promotion Office, the Overseas Residency Grant by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and the Award Winner of the Hong Kong Art Biennial. She has also been the resident artist at different art institutions in the USA, Japan and Denmark and invited as Guest Artist by Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan. Annie’s works are collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and overseas art institutions.


A Memory of Togeinomori

尹麗娟 Annie Lai Kuen Wan

尺寸多變 Size variable


Anagama is the oldest-style kiln for wood firing in Japan. The anagama used at Togeinomori in Shigaraki is one of the six oldest pottery centres in Japan, it is built with four different sizes of bricks. I moulded them to remember this Japanese ceramics culture.

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