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陳雅雯 Amie Nga Man Chan

2021年於愛沙尼亞藝術學院修畢工藝與設計之陶藝碩士課程,以畢業作品 - Fuzziness 獲頒年輕應用藝術家獎。2015年得到「啟德創新企劃獎」夥拍Gloria Lai, Ellie Ma 創立及營運泥塵記工作室。她早期作品集中對線條及釉藥之探索,近年著重於研究當代陶藝作品中的時間性,陶泥於不同狀態下的表演元素。喜歡柴燒過程衍生的不確定性,曾參與2021 Kohila Sympossium作陶藝作品分享及展覽。

2014年於香港浸會大學視覺藝術院畢業,同年修畢視覺藝術教育文憑,2019年於中文大學取得視覺文化系碩士。曾於愛沙尼亞藝術學院 (Estionian Academy of Arts)任教短期課程。

Chan completed the master course of ceramics in crafts and design at the Estonian Academy of Arts, and was awarded the Young Applied Artist Award for his graduation work - Fuzziness.

In 2015, she won the "Young Creative Entrepreneur (YCE) Award 2015" and partnered with Gloria Lai and Ellie Ma to establish and operate Laichankee Studio in Hong Kong.

Her early works focused on the exploration of lines and glazes in ceramics. In recent years, she has focused on studying temporality in contemporary pottery works and the performative elements of clay in different states. She is obsessed with the uncertainty of the ceramics firing process and thus participated in the sharing and exhibition of pottery works at the 2021 Kohila Symposium.

In 2014 she graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts Hong Kong Baptist University, also completed the Diploma of Education in Visual Arts in the same year. In 2019 she attained a master's degree in Visual Culture from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Whilst in Estonia in 2021, she taught intensive master courses at the Estonian Academy of Arts.


陳雅雯 Amie Nga Man Chan

尺寸多變 (錄像裝置)

Size variable (Video installation)



我克服了精神層面和身體上的不確定性,表達了一種對抗,找到了一種平衡和協調的狀態。 著眼在「置中」這個在轆輪中尋找平衡點的過程,它有助我應對當前面臨的情況,不知何故的孤獨,迷失,不穩定及無處可往。

The art project sets Narva, a city at the Estonian-Russian border as the performance location. This piece of work considers how the content of immigration, rootlessness, border and geopolitical aspect is presented. I overcome mental agitation and physical uncertainty, expressing a sort of confrontation, finding a state of balance and coordination. Focusing on the act of “centering”, which is a process of finding the balance point in wheel-throwing, this helps me to confront the situation that I was facing, somehow lonely, lost, unstable and nowhere to go.

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